Allure Leather 2009



We’ve all been through it – the weather gets cold outside, and as a result you bury yourself in fleece and flannel and all manner of un-sexy attire in hopes of staving off the chill until springtime rolls around. Well, we want to challenge you to fight the cold weather outside by creating heat of your own in exactly the opposite attire…hot, steamy, sultry lingerie!


Okay, okay, so you can’t walk out into the snow in a cute babydoll or a seductive corset, but donning sexy lingerie indoors can definitely heat things up. Instead of wearing those old house slippers and that tattered bathrobe, you can get wrapped up in naughty lingerie that will surely get your blood pumping in ways that no amount of central heating can do.


By far the naughtiest lingerie line coming out this year is the Allure Leather 2009 collection. This sexy lingerie line is keeping things classy while ultimately pumping up the sex factor in their 2009 line. The Allure designers achieve these two seemingly contradictory ideals by creating pieces that are reminiscent of glamorous pin-up girls and old time Hollywood starlets. The Allure Leather 2009 collection is chock full of pieces that emphasize an hourglass figure. Say goodbye to the stick thin silhouettes that used to be in style – Allure Leather is bringing back an adoration of curvaceous figures in full force!


Our favorite piece of the fabulous new collection by Allure is the Leather Cupless Ophelia corset. We are in love with the six satin ribbon garter ties at the hip and the contrasting pink edging, which create a sexy edge to an otherwise classically seductive leather corset. This piece is definitely going to make the new year a time for celebration…especially in the boudoir!


Dreamgirl Holiday, Fall and Valentines Sexy Lingerie 2009 launched


We are always excited about the holidays and the coming New Year, but this time things are even more exciting because we got to unwrap one of our presents early this year – the Dreamgirl 2009 lingerie collection! Dreamgirl always puts out sexy lingerie lines, but this year’s designs are definitely the hottest ever, with surprising silhouettes executed in creative ways that stand out in that vast sea of lingerie out there…



Whenever we think of naughty lingerie inspired dresses, those long, flowing frocks come to mind, but Dreamgirl has taken the dress and put a spin on it by creating a range of sexy shifts that are sure to pump up the volume, whether you wear them to an outing or just to a party for two. These dresses definitely have a naughty edge, showing off your sexiest curves in figure flattering designs.


We are absolutely in love with the ultra sexy Stretch Foil Lame Halter Dress, which comes in gold with a matching thong. This dress takes a retro spin, capturing the days of disco with the gold lame, but re-fashioning it into a modern look with the plunging neckline. The short skirt is flirtatious, modernizing the category of dresses into something that is just as sexy as, say, the corset or chemise.


The Dreamgirl 2009 collection also has the hottest bustiers we’ve seen in ages! We’re drooling over the Leather and Fishnet Zipper Front Bustier, which brings a whole new meaning to sexy lingerie. Not only is this piece so hot that you can barely touch it, but it incorporates surprising hints of femininity in an otherwise very rock n’ roll piece. This is a multi-dimensional piece, layering leather with sheer fishnet material on top of a flash of pink and a zipper closure, all topped off with a lace-up detail that creates a corset feel. If there is one piece you’ll add to your naughty lingerie collection in 2009, it should definitely be this one, by Dreamgirl. Of course, if you’re anything like us, we know you won’t stop at just one…

Vacari 2009 range of sexy lingerie launched


The sexy new pieces of the Vacari 2009 line are out, and we just have one thing to say…ooh-la-la! The entire line is made up of  sexy lingerie that’s at once flirtatious and sultry. There are so many gorgeous things in the new line, in fact, that we had a really hard time narrowing down which ones we wanted for ourselves. Perhaps this is the singular flaw of the Vacari 2009 line – having to choose between so many lovely pieces!


Over the years, Vacari has made it their goal to put out elegant, sensual lingerie that highlights a woman’s best features, and this year is definitely no exception. Not only does this naughty lingerie incorporate the elegance that it has successfully achieved all these years, but it does so with a contemporary twist that keeps the 2009 Vacari line looking fresh and young.


Take the Colour Craze Micro Mini Babydoll, for example. This little number takes a classic babydoll and shrinks it down to create a piece of sexy lingerie that elongates the legs and gives off lots of flirtatious vibes with the bright turquoise or pink satin hem. Everything about this piece feels contemporary and chic, while staying true to Vacari’s tasteful style of seductive lingerie.


Vacari 2009 also features a gorgeous bridal collection that emphasizes the things that Vacari is best at: delicate, feminine pieces that make a statement with their simplicity. Of the bridal collection in the 2009 line, our top picks are the Arabesque Underwire Camisole and the Silver Kisses Marabou Babydoll. Both of these pieces feature beautiful details that will play up your natural curves and enhance a voluptuous look without being overt. The Arabesque Underwire Camisole’s delicate, wavy flyaway style hemline shows off just enough skin to hint at seduction. The Silver Kisses Marabou Babydoll is a fun approach to romance, with the faux fur neckline that exudes flirtation and personality. And, of course, a girl doesn’t have to be a bride to wear these snow white pieces……..